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Sylvana Joyce has been hypnotizing audiences along the Northeast with her drama rock – one would not expect such a grand human carnival to emanate from her petite Eastern-European exterior – that is, until the house lights dim. Sylvana’s persona, a Greta Garbo meets Alice Cooper circus leader of epic proportions, gallivants and taunts the audience with her cheeky, grandiose, and expertly divined performances of her original music. Influenced by everything from Rachmaninoff to film noir, her brand of rock touches on many genres, having equally delighted audiences for soul songstress Nikka Costa, internationally touring rock-jazz trio The Aristocrats, and funk-dance Moon Hooch. Sylvana’s palpable talent has also garnered major press from the likes of Huffington Post, MTV, CNN and Time Out New York, as well as an inclusion in the NBC TV show, the Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase.

Equally special and unusual are the stellar players who have come together to form her band – a classically trained violinist, a Berklee guitarist with an affinity for metal, and a jazz rhythm section – all with a touch of their styles swirling in the mix. Only six months since the band’s inception, they were winning international competitions and national coverage from MTV. Their sophomore record, “HEAVYHEAD” received critical acclaim from The Aquarian, being toted as “original gold”. 

SYLVANA JOYCE + THE MOMENT'S latest Excursion is into the NYC Broadway scene. Sylvana and her husband, SJATM guitarist C. Robert Smith, wrote "The Last Match" with Jason Huza and Jeremiah James, A Musical about Pro-Wrestling; Their concert performances, with Sylvana Joyce + The Moment as the rock band orchestral pit and Sylvana in the cast, also featuring Broadway royalty Ramin Karimloo (Phantom of The Opera, Les Miserables, Funny Girl), Amber Ardolino (Rock of Ages, Hamilton, Funny Girl), Liz McCartney (Annie, My Fair Lady, Funny Girl) and indie wrestling star/ ex-WWE champ Matt Cardona, sold out all performances, and won Broadway World awards in every category they were nominated (11 total) in January 2022, including Best Musical, Best New Musical, Best Music Direction/Orchestra Performance, and Best Ensemble. The smash hit garnered them support to forge a promotional east coast US tour in Spring 2024, whilch will feature English Pro Wrestler Simon Miller, WWE Veteran Mickie James, and more to be announced.


It seems that if you haven’t already become enamored with SYLVANA JOYCE + THE MOMENT, you will be, soon - there are big things to come.

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